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AP Hill - Guitar / Vocals
Johnny James Qualley - Bass
Max Paley - Mandolin / Vocals
Michael Colón - Drums

About Oakhurst

Recorded in Nashville and Produced by Joe Pisapia [K. D. Lang / Ben Folds 5], Denver based Oakhurst takes a noticeable turn from the bluegrass tendencies that characterized the quintet's previous efforts to a more genre-bending Americana and Bluesy reverberation.

Released on the band's own imprint Oak Horse, Barrel was a 2 year labor of love that endured key member changes and embraced an organic process that ultimately cultivated a more atmospheric and mature sound. Oakhurst co-founders Adam Hill and Johnny James Qualley credit the guitar work and collaborative songwriting of the group's freshest recruit Daniel Lawrence Walker and Producer Pisapia for the evolution. The resulting arrangements, performances and harmonies are seamless, polished and lush respectively, propelling Oakhurst towards a broader audience.

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